Where am I?

At Leicester I am in the Edith Murphy Building on the Leicester City Campus in room 5.08, and the phone is 01162 255 1551 xtn 3905. I check my email every day too .  

As I am busy writing books and examining PhD theses, commuting to other commitments at Nottingham, Derby and Bangor and have quite a few PhD students to take care of, as well as trying to service the teaching programme, my whereabouts will be a little difficult to determine so email me to find out where I am.

Probably, in the autumn term it's best to email to check availability.

My phone number is 01162627499. I've been leaving it unplugged lately because it keeps ringing and I can't get any work done. email me and I'll call you back soon. Please try not to phone me when you're pissed up at 4 a.m. - I know it's very tempting but I need to make good use of my increasingly limited opportunities for sleep. 

My email  is brown@brown.uk.com

There is an email address for me at brown@dmu.ac.uk but I've had some reliability problems with this so I tend not to use if much.

If you are contacting me it might be advisable to use both addresses as I am unsure of where I shall be. I try to check both every day. However servers and computers do have some downtime so keep trying if at first you don't succeed. If I don't reply it's not because I don't love you.

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